Designed with your healing in mind

ReGen Rehab is revolutionizing the future of inpatient rehabilitation by creating a new model of care, and that also means developing a new approach to hospital design.

From the architecture and layout to color schemes and graphics, every part of the building is thoughtful and purposeful with luxurious touches to create a warm and healing environment.

The Environment


The double-volume entrance lobby is designed with a warm, welcoming feel for both visitors and patients. As you enter, you will be greeted by the reception area, information counter and a beautiful feature stairway.

Light Well

A massive light well carved on the inside of the building helps bring natural light deep into the main patient areas. It also provides an interesting visual focus with the inpatient gym located right under it. Other spaces that benefit from the bright, airy light well is a secured indoor courtyard for our patients’ leisure.

Patient Rooms & Amenities

Patient rooms are among the most important places in ReGen Rehab, which is why all the rooms are intentionally placed along the perimeter of the building, so that every one of them has a large window.
Every detail has been designed with great care, using sensitivity in color schemes and with ergonomic considerations for the comfort of our patients.
Each of the 96-bed private patient rooms, including the Premier Rooms, will provide a comfortable and conducive environment for the patient’s recuperation, complemented by in-room therapeutic tools and opportunities to practise basic daily living skills.
Each room also comes with a private ensuite, and is equipped with a wall-mounted flat screen TV and entertainment system.


Comprehensive Facility
At ReGen, we believe that good facilities are nothing without great service. This is why all our staff are equipped with the clinical expertise, skills and knowledge to get patients well on the road to recovery.
At our Outpatient Facility, dedicated care is provided and patients and have full access to the designated therapy area, cardiovascular fitness and rehab gym, treatment rooms as well as speech therapy and occupational therapy areas. The ReGen fitness and rehab gym have dedicated equipment to help clients get their health back faster. The gym is outstanding both in design and the scope of facilities and services offered.

Rooftop Garden
Exposure to sunlight will increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin, which boosts the mood and helps a person feel calm and focused.
In our urban environment in the heart of PJ Section 13, we realize the need for a ‘green open space’ on the rooftop – to help promote healing, provide relief from symptoms, reduce stress, and improve overall sense of hope and wellbeing.
Our Therapeutic Section at the Rooftop Garden is further designed to meet the particular needs of disabled individuals, so they may practise certain skills to overcome challenges in real-world situations.
The Rooftop Garden also provides a comfortable setting for visiting relatives in addition to the Family Lounge, which is located on each floor.

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