Meeting your continuous or long-term medical and rehabilitation care needs


What is Extended Care?

An extended care facility is a hospital specialising in caring for patients requiring continued monitoring in a medical environment or hospitalisation. In our Extended Rehab Care programme, we combine inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to provide round-the-clock medical support with healthcare and activities of daily living.

Getting Started

At ReGen Rehab, we cater to two levels of patient care: basic and dependent. Patients who are interested in the Extended Rehab Care programme receive an initial multi-disciplinary assessment by the Rehabilitation Physician to evaluate the level of care required. This includes evaluating the physical and cognitive health, medications and level of independence in ADL. During this session, the family will have the opportunity for a detailed discussion on what scope of services best suits the patient.

The rehabilitation element

Understanding the components of care and scope of services provided in an extended care programme is an important first step to determine its suitability for the patient. We maintain our core rehabilitation approach which emphasizes independence and aims to improve the patient’s quality of life through assistance in activities of daily living (ADL) and daily physiotherapy.

Care is provided by qualified health professionals, such as rehab nurses, therapists and rehab assistants under the purview of the Rehabilitation Physician. The multi-disciplinary care model remains at the core of our services in delivering integrated care according to the patient’s respective needs.



ReGen Rehab Hospital is the first private rehabilitation specialist hospital in Malaysia. We provide inpatient, outpatient, day rehabilitation and home rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation programmes are desiged with the common theme of assessing individual needs of patients and developing a specific goal-oriented outcomes as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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In the rehabilitation treatment plan, patients may undergo two streams of therapy depending on the underlying medical condition and endurance:

Active stream: Up to three hours of direct therapy a day, supplemented by indirect therapy a day by the rehab nursing team with activities of daily living (ADL) therapy.

Slow stream: One to two hours of indirect therapy a day, supplemented by indirect therapy a day by the rehab nursing team with activities of daily living (ADL) therapy.

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Each patient is cared for by a multi-disciplinary team of medical practitioners, led by a rehabilitation physician, comprising: Rehabilitation nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pharmacist, dietitian, neuropsychologist, and others.

Periodic team conferences are held for continuous patient management and monitoring. Weekly rehabilitation goals are set according to the treatment plan and reviewed. Family conferences are an avenue for patients and family members to discuss with the rehab team as a whole and can be arranged at any time.

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For patients coming from acute hospitals, our Case Coordinator will perform a rehabilitation assessment at the current residing hospital for suitability. Upon discharge, we will assist with arranging the transfer to ReGen Rehab Hospital if ambulance service is required. Upon arrival, admission and registration will be done at bedside and a three-point assessment will be conducted by the rehabilitation physician, senior nurse and a therapist.

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We advise patients to stay for an average of two weeks in the first instance to allow sufficient time for patients themselves and their families to understand and journey through the rehabilitation programme. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission, encompassing the goal-setting process with the Rehabilitation Physician, goal-review during the team and family conferences, and care giver training towards the planned discharge date if required.

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