Cardiac health is as much about treatment, as it is about taking charge of the choices, lifestyles and habits that affect your heart.


ReGen Rehab offers coordinated rehabilitation, nursing and therapy services for patients recovering from heart surgery or a cardiac event, as well as those suffering from debilitating pulmonary conditions.

While undergoing cardiopulmonary recovery, patients are medically managed by a team of physicians, nurses and therapists who carefully monitor and treat to rebuild cardiopulmonary endurance, strength, skills and function. The goals of cardiac rehabilitation include establishing an individualized plan to help you regain strength, preventing your condition from worsening, reducing your risk of future heart problems, and improving your health and quality of life.

Our cardiac rehab designs individualized treatment plans serve to restore and maximize the health and physical mobility of each patient. The program also offers patients and their families proper education and training in the post-operative care of surgical incisions to prevent secondary infections and address ways to manage pain, diet and nutrition, stress, exercise and other critical factors that affect patient recovery.