Bringing You Back
To Your Best Self

Rehabilitation helps you regain your quality and confidence of life after injury or illness

Rehabilitation: Your recovery begins here

What Is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation aims to maximise functional health through evidence-based, outcomes-driven holistic care in a specialised environment. Our patient-centric approach emphasizes your individual needs while maintaining dignity and respect at every stage of your recovery journey.

What Makes Us Different

Malaysia’s First Private Rehabilitation Hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health

Goal-Driven Programmes

We identify your rehab goals at the start of the programme and progressively review them throughout your recovery process.

Intensity of Therapy

Whether you're an inpatient or an outpatient, recovery is optimised with up to 3 hours of therapy a day.

Multi-Disciplinary Care

Your rehab plan is physician-led and delivered by a team of senior therapists, rehab nurses, nutritionists, case coordinators, and many others.

Purpose-Built Facilities

Our warm and healing space has 96 beds, 3 specialised inpatient gyms, a dedicated outpatient gym, and a rooftop outdoor therapy area.

Conditions We Treat

Stroke & Neuro Rehab

Orthopaedic Rehab

Medical Rehab & Post-Surgical Care

Regenerative & Preventive Medicine

Caring for the Health of You and Your Family

In all our rehabilitation programmes, we are commited to provide a progressive continuum of care to meet your functional, cognitive and emotional needs. This is the core of our “Bringing You Back”‘ philosophy to help you get back to what matters most.

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ReGen Rehab Hospital

ReGen Rehab Hospital

ReGen Rehab Hospital is a private rehabilitation hospital with 96 beds licensed by Ministry of Health

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ReGen Rehab Hospital
📣📣 Calling all nurses, therapists and care assistants - we want YOU! If you are keen to expand your career in Rehab for these positions, drop by ReGen Rehab Hospital next week to meet us. If you know anyone looking for career opportunities or interested, share this post or tag them in the comments too. Come join our expanding team of #keluargaregen as we transform care and rebuild lives. See you next week! #physiokl #keluargaregen #rehabkl #regenPhysio #regenrehab #bringingyouback #rehabpj #werecovertogether #regenrehabhospital ... See MoreSee Less
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What's the difference using Robotics? Higher intensity and faster recovery 🦾🦿FREEWalk is a robot-powered exoskeleton that you're able to put on in order to help you move. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury, stroke, or any form of lower limb disability, FREEWalk exoskeleton helps you move. Available at ReGen Rehab Hospital . For more info, drop us a message here or on Whatsapp at 019-917 1388 anytime.#regenPhysio #regenPhysio #regenphysiotherapy #regen #regenrehab #regenrehabhospital #bringingyouback #werecovertogether #strokerehab #strokerehabilitation #strokerehabmalaysia #spinalcordinjury #spinalcordrecovery #strokephysio #regenrehabrobotics #roboticrehabilitation ... See MoreSee Less
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Heng!🧧 Ong!🧨 Huat!🎊 Wishing everyone a prosperous & successful year ahead!We had fun celebrating this Lunar New Year with all of our #KeluargaReGen staff and corporate partners. Can you spot any one you know in the pics below? Tag them in the comments! Also check out our stories & reels to see how the mighty lions got their Rehab fix! 😄#regen #regenrehab #regenrehabhospital #regenphysio #regenPhysio #bringingyouback #werecovertogether ... See MoreSee Less
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ReGen Rehab Hospital
新年快乐, 恭喜发财, 万事如意! Happy lunar new year,Wishing you wealth & prosperity,May your wishes come true,As we "hop" into the Lunar New Year! ❤️ ReGen Rehab Hospital #physiokl #keluargaregen #rehabkl #regenPhysio #regenrehab #bringingyouback #rehabpj #werecovertogether #regenrehabhospital ... See MoreSee Less
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ReGen Rehab Hospital
🎯 The goal of Parkinson's Rehab: To slow down or manage disease progression Our Parkinson's Rehab PWR! Programme is specifically designed to use exercise for symptom management. It targets the foundational skills that impact everyday mobility. Through a combination of exercises that emphasize movement and address postural awareness, this routine may help improve your balance and reduce rigidity. It may also make daily activities such as getting out of bed, getting into a car and picking things up off the floor easier and more efficient. Early intervention is the key to better recovery. Connect with us 📞📲📧 today to find out more. #Parkinson #parkinsons #parkinsonssupport #parkinsonsdisease #parkinsonsfitness #parkinsonsexercise #parkinsonswarrior #elderlycare #elderly #elderlyhealth #agedcare #physiokl #keluargaregen #rehabkl #regenPhysio #regenrehab #bringingyouback #rehabpj #werecovertogether #regenrehabhospital ... See MoreSee Less
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