Losing a limb is a life-altering event and will require necessary lifestyle changes that may take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Regardless of the level of amputation, ReGen Rehab’s amputee program will help maximize your independence so you may regain a productive and rewarding lifestyle.

What is Amputee Rehabilitation?

Amputee rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary process aimed at helping individuals regain as much function as possible after a limb has been amputated.

The process will be tailored to the individual and will go through several processes such as Wound Healing, Pain Control, Training of using the Prosthetic Device and Emotional Support

Goals that you will achieve :


Wound Healing and Stump Care:
Treatments to help improve wound healing and stump care are important to prevent infections and ensure proper healing of the amputation site

  • Pain Management:
    Both post-operative and phantom pain (a sensation of pain that occurs below the level of the amputation) need to be managed effectively to ensure the patient’s comfort and to prevent complications

Home Environment Adaptation:
The home environment is adapted for ease of function, safety, accessibility, and mobility, ensuring that the patient can safely and independently navigate their living space


Emotional Support:
Emotional support is provided to help during the grieving period and with readjustment to a new body image. The psychological impact of an amputation is significant, and emotional support is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process