Orthopaedic rehabilitation is an important recovery option for patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery, experienced a musculoskeletal injury, or have bone or joint conditions. From falls to injuries, we’re dedicated to helping you get back to doing the things you love. Losing freedom of movement due to an orthopedic injury, illness or surgery can be challenging.


With the goal of helping patients restore function and mobility to resume daily activities as safely and independently as possible, our therapists have expertise in the following areas: electrical stimulation, endurance training, pain management, and many more.

Your improvements will be tracked progressively, routinely reassessed and modified accordingly so that you receive the most appropriate treatment to achieve your goals.

Regenerative Orthopaedics

Advancing medical technologies are moving towards less invasive orthopaedic-type procedures as alternatives to common medical approaches such as drugs and surgery.

Regenerative Orthopaedics focuses on encouraging your body’s natural healing ability through non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures. It encourages your body to heal and strengthen damaged areas to restore function.

It involves precise injections into the affected areas to prompt repair by improving blood supply & strengthening the tissues, thereby promoting a natural healing process.