Restoring mobility and helping you to walk again.

Start your Robotic Rehabilitation journey today with ReGen Rehab Hospital (“ReGen Rehab) Contact us or visit ReGen Rehab for a complimentary assessment by our physicians and a free trial session.
Please note: The Exoskeleton device is not suitable for individuals weighing over 90kg or those with osteoporosis or contractures. Let’s take the first step toward your recovery together! #RecoverwithReGen


Robotic Rehabilitation at ReGen Rehab Hospital (“ReGen Rehab”) helps patients regain their natural upper limb and lower limb movements. It is an all-inclusive advanced programme focused towards improving the mobility and overall health of patients with neurological conditions, such as having experienced a stroke or spinal cord injury or living with Parkinson’s Disease. Featuring advanced technologies and integrated treatment modules, it is configured to mimic even the most natural human gait.

The freedom of movement is one of human life’s most misprised luxuries. From simple daily walks to even standing up on one’s own accord, the gift of human mobility is a function every individual should be allowed equal access to. With the introduction of ReGen Rehab Hospital’s latest Robotic Rehabilitation programme, the journey to mobility again has never been easier.


The Robotic Rehabilitation programme enhances the patient therapy experience in more ways than one:

High dosage and high-intensity training
Increase the speed and overall endurance of the patient’s limb
Different modes of assistance based on the comfort and capabilities of each patient
Promotes expedited mobility recovery compared to traditional forms of therapy

For those looking to start their Robotic Rehabilitation journey, contact us or visit ReGen Rehab for a free assessment done by our physicians and a free trial session. Please note that the Exoskeleton device is not suitable for individuals who weigh more than 90kg, or individuals with osteoporosis or contractures.


FREE Walk Exoskeleton

Lower limb rehabilitation

FREE Walk Exoskeleton is an advanced robot-powered device that helps you to move & walk again. Users are able to put on and take off the device independently.

It comes with complex specifications including:

  • A customised fit which can greatly reduce the risks of pressure sores and injuries.
  • Revolutionary response time to a user’s intentions to move or stop.
  • Multiple security measures to prevent users from falling.

Hand Hub Programme

Upper limb rehabilitation

The Hand Hub programme is a set of multiple robotic devices designed to deliver full-range upper limb rehabilitation. The programme aims to stimulate muscle activation, promote functional task training, and provide strengthening through an interactive gamification experience.


Designed to improve endurance and movement after stroke

ArmMotus M2

Enhancing upper limb rehabilitation with gamification and multi-stimulus environment.


Specialises in hand rehabilitation after stroke.

photo_2023-05-26 12.23.25


Bracelike device that uses electrical stimulation to reintegrate the brain and muscular function of the arm and hand. The repetition of movement teaches parts of the brain to relearn lost functions