After months of testing positive for Covid-19, I am still not back to my previous self

Are you or a loved one going through similar difficulties? For many, getting back to life post-COVID is more complicated than expected. The effects of COVID-19 can be debilitating, but there is hope for full, functional recovery through rehab.

At ReGen Rehab, we are committed to ‘Bringing You Back’ to optimum function and quality of life through a progressive continuum of rehab care – and we are on a mission to partner post-COVID patients and persons on their recovery journey.

#WeRecoverTogether provides rehabilitation care for underserved individuals & communities in their post-Covid recovery

Rehabilitation care is a vital element toward full recovery for patients who experience any type of injury, surgery or illness, including COVID-19. This is why ReGen Rehab is championing the cause to provide outpatient rehab treatment for underserved individuals and communities in their post-COVID recovery journey, as part of our Corporate Responsibility initiative and in support of our nation’s efforts to recover from the pandemic.

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