Biological Immunity Booster


What are Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)?

NK Cells are sub-types of white blood cells in the human body’s natural immune system which can respond quickly to a wide variety of pathological challenges.

NK Cells are able to differentiate between infected and uninfected ‘target cells’ and then killing virally infected cells, detecting cancer cells and controlling early signs of cancer. In addition, NK Cells enhances the body’s immune response by releasing certain chemicals called cytokines which support other immune cells.

How does NK Cell therapy work?

The aim is to increase the concentration of NK Cells in the body through harvesting your body’s own NK Cells and culturing the cells in a controlled, sterile lab environment.

The goals of NK Cell therapy and results include:

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Strengthening your immune system naturally using your own cells
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Your body being able to identify and attack any abnormal cells at high efficacy once the treatment starts
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Lower recurrence of cancer cells, making a suitable consideration for post-cancer management
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Improved immunity and resistance towards diseases when combined with other medication treatments

Who should consider NK Cell therapy?

Anyone with a general low immunity or slow recovery from illnesses, family histories with chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance, post-cancer patients, and age-related conditions can consider this programme.

Find out if this procedure is suitable for you today

Firstly, make an appointment with anyone of our specialists, who will be the best persons to advise which options are suitable for you according to your medical needs.

You will need to do a full blood profiling and share your medical history with our specialist. During this session, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your health goals and way forward on how you can gain the most from your programme.


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